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Summary table about investment funds
Next you can see a summary table of our investment products.
Description Level of risk Date Net Asset Value
Esfera Robotics FI   12/5/2017 157.391175
Esfera Team Trading FI   12/5/2017 66.139033
Esfera Yosemite Absolute Return FI   12/5/2017 113.829049
Esfera Global Momentum FI   12/5/2017 100.328321
Esfera Darwin FI   12/5/2017 95.999948
Esfera Herradura Azul FI   12/5/2017 90.165791
Esfera Renta Fija Mixta Global FI   12/5/2017 100.221323
Esfera Yellowstone FI   12/5/2017 108.615715
Esfera Gestión Retorno Absoluto FI   12/5/2017 97.854325
Esfera Seasonal Quant Multistrategy FI   12/5/2017 99.729822
Esfera Yuna FI   12/5/2017 98.61479
Esfera I Arca Global B FI   12/5/2017 97.047752
Esfera I Flexiglobal Moderate FI   12/5/2017 97.829095
Esfera I Fórmula Kau Tecnología FI   12/5/2017 94.265988
Esfera I Gestión Internacional FI   12/5/2017 93.576116
Esfera I Quant USA FI   12/5/2017 97.541558
Esfera II Allroad FI   12/5/2017 100.362859
Esfera II Backtrader FI   12/5/2017 92.483496
Esfera II Gesfund Aqua FI   12/5/2017 96.157103
Esfera II Timeline Investment FI   12/5/2017 81.861495
Esfera II Value Systematic Investment FI   12/5/2017 98.277414
Esfera II OI Premier A FI   12/5/2017 95.837967
Esfera II Sostenibilidad ESG Focus FI   12/5/2017 98.397419
Esfera II Hercules FI   12/5/2017 96.240299
Esfera II OI Global A FI   12/5/2017 95.418583
Gesem Conservador Flexible FI   12/5/2017 9.41677
Gesem Faro Global High Yield FI   12/5/2017 9.50764
Gesem Gestión Flexible FI   12/5/2017 9.579693
Annapurna FI   12/4/2017 11.41878
Fondinámico FI   11/28/2017 5.718867
Mixed International FI   11/28/2017 10.030835
Ejecutivos Globalfond FI   12/4/2017 550.118996
Kronos FI   12/5/2017 95.487729
Patrimony Fund FI   12/5/2017 101.905209
The level of risk is measured from 1 to 7, the latter being the highest level.
Summary table about SICAVS
Next you can see a summary table of our investment products.
Description Level of risk Date Net Asset Value
INVERSIONES BEJAR, SICAV, S.A.   11/13/2017 9.782496
ACCIONES FARO CAPITAL, SICAV, S.A.   11/15/2017 7.329919
GEST 40 INVERSIONES SICAV, S.A.   11/13/2017 1.136457
ACCIONES INVERFRUT 2001, SICAV, S.A.   12/7/2017 11.23884
NORAY DE VALORES 2010 SICAV S.A.   12/7/2017 12.023394
SIGMA ACTIVA, SICAV, S.A.   12/5/2017 5.337932
ALFAGON 1 SICAV S.A.   12/6/2017 15.389097
GEISER INVERSIONES 2000 SICAV S.A.   12/6/2017 13.236127
GESTIO PLUS 2000 SICAV S.A.   12/6/2017 21.493841
The level of risk is measured from 1 to 7, the latter being the highest level.
Esfera FI/Robotics
Esfera FI/Team Trading
Esfera FI/Yosemite Absolute Return
Esfera FI/Global Momentum
Esfera FI/Darwin
Esfera FI/Herradura Azul
Esfera FI/Renta Fija Mixta Global
Esfera FI/Yellowstone
Esfera FI/Gestión Retorno Absoluto
Esfera FI/Seasonal Quant Multistrategy
Esfera FI/Yuna
Patrimony Fund, FI
Esfera I/Arca Global, Clase A
Esfera I/Arca Global, Clase B
Esfera I/FlexiGlobal Moderate
Esfera I/Fórmula KAU Tecnología
Esfera I/Gestión Internacional
Esfera I/Quant USA
Esfera II/All Road
Esfera II/BackTrader
Esfera II/Gesfund Aqua
Esfera II/Timeline Investment
Esfera II/Value Systematic Investment
Esfera II/OI Global Clase A
Esfera II/OI Global Clase B
Esfera II/OI Premier Clase A
Esfera II/OI Premier Clase B
Esfera II/Sostenibilidad ESG Focus
Esfera II/Hércules
Gesem/Conservador Flexible
Gesem/Faro Global High Yield
Gesem/Gestión Flexible
Annapurna, FI
Fondinamico, FI
Mixed International, FI
Ejecutivos Globalfond, FI
Kronos, FI
Global Systematic Investment, SICAV, SA
Timeline Investment, SICAV, S.A.
Inversiones Bejar, SICAV, S.A.
Faro Capital, SICAV, S.A.
Gest 40 Inversiones, SICAV, S.A.
Inverfrut-2001, SICAV, S.A.
Noray de Valores 2010, SICAV, S.A.
Sigma Activa, SICAV, S.A.
Alfagon 1, SICAV, S.A.
Geiser Inversiones 2000, SICAV, S.A.
Gestio Plus 2000, SICAV, S.A.

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