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  • Esfera Capital - Brokerage in financial assets

Our Group

The Esfera Capital Group is made up of four companies: Visual Chart, Esfera Capital A.V, Esfera Capital Gestión SGIIC and Quality Secure, insurance brokerage. Each company covers a field of the financial system and is complementary to the rest, resulting in a company group of great synergies and added value.


Esfera Capital Agencia de Valores

Esfera Capital A.V. S.A. is a broker with a complete offer of financial products, including the most important stock and future markets in the world, ETFs, investment funds, fixed income, etc. This wide product range can be contracted through its trading terminals Visual Chart Professional, Visual Chart Java, web platform and mobile devices.


Esfera Capital Gestión SGIIC

Esfera Capital Gestión SGIIC is a management company of CII with a management commitment in technology and innovation.

Our investment funds are specialized in sectors that will experience a huge transformation at present or in the following years. An excellent example of this are projects like Esfera Robotics FI, that focuses its investments on those companies that will play a key role in the approaching robotic revolution.


Visual Chart

Visual Chart is a leader company in technology related to the financial markets and supported by more than 20 years of experience in the sector.

Visual Chart activity is focused on the investigation and development of tools and technological solutions for professional investors and institutions all around the world. Among its customers you can find the main investment banks, societies and trading agencies and portfolio managers in Spain. Visual Chart has also agreements with banks and companies in France, Germany and USA.


Quality Secure Insurance Brokerage

Quality Secure Secure is an independent insurance brokerage that has agreements with an extensive network of insurance organizations, allows you to take out national and international insurance policies and offers an individual relation and management of the contracted insurances for free.

The large team of specialized professionals that is part of Quality Secure will give you the best solution at any time and will carry out a constant monitoring and control of the contracted policies in order to keep them updated.