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  • Access to a multitude of financial assets in any market, currency or country.
Portfolio monitoring

One of the main advantages of our portfolio management service is the possibility for the customer to receive all relevant information about his investments in an integrated manner, so that he can have a global and at the same time unified view of the ongoing management.

The customer will receive every month at the given email in the contract a complete report about the evolution of his portfolio that includes, among other aspects, the following information:

  • The cumulative return of the portfolio for the year and the one of the benchmark index that has been fixed for the same period.
  • A detail of all assets of the managed portfolio, which are grouped by a mass disposition and valued at the month end.
  • A list of the movements carried out in the last month with or without cash movement.

The customer can check at any time the status of his positions in all electronic platforms that Esfera Capital makes available to you.

Esfera Capital offers you Visual Chart, Broker Online and Esfera Capital App

In addition to the financial information, the customer will receive yearly at the dates previous to the opening of the deadlines for the Income Tax submission a complete fiscal report for tax purposes with all relevant events occurred during the financial year.