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Visual Chart

Professional trading

Visual Chart features and advanced trading environment with a huger range of working tools. Using those tools, you will be able to defined a complete market entry/exit strategy by using the buy/sell ticket forms. You will have at your disposal trailing stops, OCO, Bracket, limit in the first positions and conditioned orders etc. Also, whenever required you will have access to the state of your trading account. active orders, filled orders, cancelled orders, buy power etc..... The active orders can be visualized in the chart and modified by using the drag&drop technique. The orders sending from the DOM window will allow you to trade in a most agile way; all financial markets in the word will be at your disposal with a single click .

The trading from Visual Chart will always be synchronized with all Esfera Capital platforms. You will be able to modify orders, see balanced and close positions from Esfera Capital website, Visual Chart and the mobile applications.

Trade as a professional with Visual Chart

Team Trading

Visual Chart is an application specialized in algorithmic. Team Trading, included in Visual Chart, is the most advanced platform in the world for automatic trading strategies. It is an investment platform where the participants take profit from the potential offered by the union of thousands of programmers working simultaneously in an organized way and with mathematical validation.

Team Trading, also puts at your disposal the most sophisticated autotrading system in the world. With a single click you will put hundred´s of algorithms in to trading in the world main financial markets. The autotrading service is available in the application Visual Chart and also in Esfera Capital website This service works with an exclusive account that you will be able to monitor at any stage.

Application specialized in algorithmic trading


All services and content offered by Visual Chart have been redesigned to be stored on the vCloud. Your work with Visual Chart, your personal configurations, your indicators and trading strategies will be automatically stored in vCloud. This way, you will have full access from anywhere.

To top the availability of your work environment of, you will also be able to share with whoever you want, friend, group of contract, or Visual Chart community. Likewise you will have access to other users shared contents, as indicators trading strategies or chart.

Visual Chart version number 6 has been designed to facilitate and intuitive access to the information. Locating the most relevant financial assets has never been easier and simpler.

Your work in Visual Chart stored in the cloud.

Advanced charts

One of the most recognized characteristics of Visual Chart is its powerful chart builder. The software charts grant access to more that 20 years of historical data in 1 minute compression. Withe the workspaces multiwindows system, you will be able to load as much charts as required and run complex technical analysis on them based on technical indicators, studies chart patters. you will also be able to use its multiple drawing tools to find the best market entry strategy.

The new version of Visual Chart, built with 64 bits architecture and multitask, will allow you to load many more chart, indicators, DOM, windows and trading strategies that you could ever need. All the power of your PC will work harmonically with Visual Chart services in the could thus offering a work experience never found before.

Powerful chart builder with huge historical data

Indicators and automatic strategies

Visual Chart includes the most demanded indicators. If you do not find the one your are looking for , you will be able to program it yourself. If you do not want to do it, we will design it for you according to the specifications provided. Furthermore, the platform allows designing your own trading strategies.

Take advantage of the power of the programming environment Visual Studio .NET in order to program your trading strategies and customized indicators. The flexibility inherent to this environment ease the strategies development in a most agile way. The tools included in the model cover all the aspects of the development process, from evaluation tools, debugging, search and organization, to visual tools enabling taking maximum profit of new technologies.