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Broker online

Simple Interface

The Broker Online enables trading any of our products in a most intuitive way. You will be able to monitor the quotes in real time, send buy and sell orders and follow the information of your accounts in a single screen.

The trading can be executed straight from the quote´s lists updating in real time or from the buy/sell ticket form. You can also close or reverse your position in the markets and modify and cancel the orders with a single click.

You can create simple but effective market entry/exit strategies by using advanced orders. This type of orders allows you to send simple market orders as well as advanced orders that include a target profit and a stop loss.

The target profit and the stop loss can be indicated in percentage, points, price, pips or money. If the price reaches the target profit or the stop loss, the order that is not filled, will be automatically cancelled.

Additionally, you can now see the 4 best bid and ask positions and the volume available for each price level of the assets you are trading with.

With Esfera Capital Broker Online, investment will be simpler as ever.

Simple interface - Trade intuitivelly in our broker online

Synchronized trading

Your accounts information: cash, profit, latent profit, the value of your portfolio etc., is updated according to the trading run from any of the Esfera Capital platforms.

Also, the orders sent from Visual Chart or Visual Chart Lite will also show up on the broker online and viceversa.

Synchronized trading on any of the Esfera Capital platforms

Real time streaming information

In the section "markets" you will have access to real time information on the world main financial places. You will be able to monitor the last price, the difference towards the previous session close, the best bid/ask position, the day´s high and low price and the volume accumulated over the session.

Additionally, you will be able to filter the future contracts according to their settlement data and order the information according to the data previously described and in order to detect investment opportunities.

Real time information on main world stock exchanges

Visual Chart Lite

Visual Chart Lite is fully integrated in the platform Broker Online of Esfera Capital. Its interactive chart builder allows evaluating the behavior of the financial markets to find the best investment opportunities. You can use different types of chart representation to visualize the information the way you prefer. Price analysis can be run with numerous tools: indicators, lines, supports, regression channels etc. The DOM window enable detecting graphically at each price level the buying and selling strength of the selected asset. Once set up, the workspace can be saved and will be accessible at any moment without having to configure the application each time you accede to the application.

Also, Visual Chart Lite offers and advanced trading environment with a huge range of working tools. With them it is possible to define a complete market entry/exit strategy by only using the ticket form. You will also have available trailing stops, OCO, OSO, Bracket, limit in the first position and conditioned orders, etc.

Visual Chart Lite

Account information

The complete information of all your account in Esfera Capital will be available in the section "Accounts".

The patrimony, the profit of your investments, the retained guarantees and the balance will be updated in real time, allowing you taking the decisions adequate to your investment.

Complete information on all your Esfera Capital accounts