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Multiplatform trading

Esfera Capital offers you a wide range of trading platforms, adapted to your activity level and type of trading at the markets.

Visual Chart provides you with the most sophisticated tools to analyze the stock information and to send buy and sell orders to the financial markets.

Moreover, the agility and simplicity of our Broker Online, the mobility from Esfera Capital App and the efficiency of our trading desk enable you to stay abreast of your investment at any time.

Esfera Capital Gestión SGIIC

The management company Esfera Capital Gestión SGIIC bases its modus operandi on technology and innovation. Our investment funds are specialized in sectors that will experience a huge transformation at present or in the following years.

An excellent example of this are projects like Esfera Robotics FI, that focuses its investments on those companies that will play a key role in the approaching robotic revolution.

We also create sub-funds of Investment Funds and Funds advised or with delegated management.

Discretionary portfolio management

The global character of our discretionary portfolio management gives you access to a wide range of financial assets, of every market, currency or country easily, comfortably and safely.

The equity is managed by a multidisciplinary team that combines the knowledge of the financial markets with a wide experience and control of the technological sector.

In addition, you can see the state of your positions at the electronic platforms that Esfera Capital offers you in order to have an overall vision of the ongoing management.